Full Spectrum CBD Tincture | Season Frost


Life is hard, let us help you navigate through life’s stress with our Season Frost CBD Drops. Season Frost is a full spectrum 2500 mg tincture. Made with Extra virgin Olive oil.



Season Frost is our Full Spectrum 2500 mg CBD tincture! Made with Charlotte’s wife Co2 extracted CBD oil all in-house. All processing done locally here in our Madison state-of-the-art facility. The base of this full spectrum CBD tincture is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Always Third-party tested.

1mL = 83.3 mg = 30 doses in the bottle

.5mL = 41.7 mg = 60 doses in the bottle

Recommended instructions: Drop desired amount of oil underneath the tongue, and hold for 45 seconds – 1 minute. This allows for greater absorption in the body. Every body is different, however there is an average of about 35-45 minutes until the tincture starts to work!