About Us

Madison Extracts is a hemp processing and manufacturing company located in Madison, Wisconsin. We offer one of the best wholesale services across the nation! Our mission is to make high-quality products all while staying completely transparent and offering the most competitive prices. We use supercritical CO2 extraction for our processing in our state-of-the-art facility. Always third party tested! Let us make you, your perfect seller/product!

Madison Extracts is also our umbrella company for our two in the house brands Green County Hemp & Season! The brand Season has you covered on the medicinal approach of the industry! Offering the highest quality extracted cannabinoids for your wellness. On the other side, Green County Hemp is our brand that has a recreational approach. Allowing you to get the best of both worlds! We passionately believe in the plethora of cannabinoids and their natural and comprehensive support of both the mind and body. Our products are truly the perfect wellness tool for you, in whatever way suits you best! Madison Extracts was started with a simple goal — to help the people in the community we love.


Our Story

Madison Extracts was established in 2021. In the beginning of our journey we had a farm in the rolling hills of Green County, Wisconsin. While our focus was growing, we also we’re in the formulation stage to find the perfect formula to offer the perfect wellness tool to the community! One of our owners being the science guru put so much energy into finding our perfect formulations. All while ensuring the potency and purity remained top shelf. The products that we’ve created is separated by our two brands. Green County Hemp and Season. Green County Hemp is our brand for our recreational products. While Season consists of the products that are for a more medicinal approach. We officially opened our retail space in the front of our facility in September 2022 and have been open to the public since!

Why Choose Madison Extracts?


We take pride in the purity and potency we offer in this delicate industry. Always looking for ways to grow and educate ourselves on the best and newest trend. Our processing and manufacturing methods are clean and pure. We utilize the supercritical CO2 extraction method for ALL of our products. This ensures less refining and processing, for a more pure and potent end result. All products are always Third-Party tested. We care about what goes into your body and you should too!


Best Prices

The difference between other company’s and us is you get more for your money!

The cannabis industry is known for intimidating prices. Especially in the state that we’re in. Here at Madison Extracts you are buying directly from the manufacturer. No middle man. No up-pricing.


Building trust with our customers and fellow business owners is one of our top values.

With the cannabis industry growing at such a rapid rate, there’s no doubt, there are thousands of different brands pushing their products! When it comes to a quality product, one of the biggest factors is HOW is it processed and manufactured. Do you ACTUALLY know where the product came from? Here at Madison Extracts, we are completely open and honest about our entire process. Always having our Certificate Of Analysis’s for all of our products easily available and accessible. As well as sharing any documents we may find in new studies. Every day, furthering our education and experience.

Educated Team

The team at Madison Extracts is more like family.

behind a big vision is a family like team that share the same values when it comes to the cannabis industry and our community. From behind the science to the front of the store, it’s a perfect balance. Any questions you may have, we have someone to help you. We are all in this together.